Who are the facilitators?

WSEMS has a roster of professionally trained neutrals who have been trained in both the IEP facilitation and the mediation processes. The facilitator has three hours to spend with the members of the team prior to and during the meeting.

Each mediator/facilitator has completed a five-day training on special education mediation and IEP   facilitation. Roster members also attend a one-day of training each year that combines training in facilitation and mediation.

Each of our neutrals is listed on our website under Mediators/Facilitators.  We encourage you to read their bios, view their videos,  and select the facilitator who best fits your needs.

The Intake Coordinator or System Administrator Gia Pionek works with the parties to agree on a facilitator. Parties can make suggestions to Pionek to share with the other party.  In addition, Gia can offer suggestions of facilitators for the parties to consider.