How do I prepare for mediation?

On the WSEMS website at (or look under Publications and then WSEMS Mediation Training Manual) is a manual with worksheets to help both districts and parents plan for their mediation session.  These worksheets help participants decide who to bring to mediation, what the participants want to talk about, how to explore different creative options, and how to look at what would happen if the mediation did not result in an agreement.

The more prepared that a participant can be, the more productive the process can be.  Thinking about things prior to the mediation session in a thoughtful way helps parties be constructive and forward looking in the process.

Gia Pionek, Intake Coordinator and Systems Administrator helps participants assess which is the appropriate process for them (facilitation or mediation), helps choose a mediator or facilitator, and helps prepare for the process.

On the WSEMS website at is a short video in which Jane Burns, a former Intake Coordinator/Administrator thoroughly explains how to directly access the WSEMS system.

In addition, please view the Preparing for Mediation and IEP facilitation video on our website at in which Nina Meierding, a former Mediation Partner, discusses ways in which planning for your session can make it more productive, positive, and effective.