Iman L. Khan, Milwaukee, WI

Photo of Iman Khan

Name: Iman L. Khan, Milwaukee, WI

Availability: Statewide for Mediation and IEP Facilitation

Statement of Practice Style:

I have been working with individuals, families, children/teens, and organizations in the
area of conflict resolution, leadership, counseling and performance coaching for over
25 years. I am passionate about understanding people and how their perspective
contributes to their beliefs and their choices. My approach is to seek to understand
first, and then collaborate to find the best possible goal or outcome. My intentional
practice is to listen with non-judgment and compassion. This comes from a place of
compassion where mutual respect can be encouraged creating a safe environment
where people can share ideas and goals. I model Mindfulness-based principles to help
create this environment where I have been witness to some of the most beautiful
collaborations that focus on what’s best for the child/student. Children are the future. If
we can remember that to be their best, we must model our best, the rest are just
details to support their growth and learning.

I also bring to the Special Education Mediation process, a unique experience, as I have
been on both sides of the fence, so to speak. I was an Administrator of a Montessori
school for over 7 years working with families and students. I am also a parent of three
children in the public educational system. These experiences have given me an insight
and perspective that helps me to bridge the gap between families and schools.

Current Position:

I run my own private practice called Blooming Minds where I offer consulting, coaching,
counseling and mediation services. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the
State of Wisconsin and recently became licensed in the State of New York as a
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, where I have expanded my business. I run
Mindfulness based workshops in both Wisconsin and New York, and I speak at local
and national conferences on Mindfulness and how to incorporate it’s practices for to
improve being well.

Professional Licenses:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor – Wisconsin
  • Licensed Mental Health Health Counselor – New York


  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Master of Science – Educational Psychology and Community Counseling, 2005
  • University of Wisconsin Parkside, Bachelor of Science, Major – Psychology, 1995

Mediation and Mindfulness Trainings:

  • Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System Training; Milwaukee – September 2017
  • Family Mediation Training; Milwaukee – March 2015
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Mt. Madonna, California – February 2011

*Disclosure:  I worked for two years as a special needs advocate in New York for a family with a 19 year old young man with Autism.