Thomas L. Yaeger, Madison, WI

Name: Thomas L. Yaeger

Location: Madison, WI.

Education: J.D. (Law Degree), University of Minnesota Law School (1968); B.A. University of Minnesota (1965)

Current Position: Private practice mediator and arbitrator

Past Positions: 27 years as a mediator, arbitrator and hearing examiner at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (1974-2001)

Mediation Experience and Training: During the past 30 years, I have presented and received continuing education training in the labor, farm and special education mediation fields including the WSEMS trainings at Marquette University. Also during the past thirty years, I have served as mediator in hundreds of disputes (labor, farm, special education, and miscellaneous) involving the simplest to most complex issues.

Special Education Mediation Perspective: When mediating, I manage and facilitate discussion among the participants concerning the matters, which they have been unable to agree upon and which have resulted in the mediation. Through this process practical/workable solutions are developed that are acceptable to all parties involved. Having a daughter who is an experienced special education teacher has provided me over the years with an appreciation for the myriad of complex special education issues confronting students, parents, staff and administrators.