How to request a Facilitated IEP?

  • Contact WSEMS:
  • 888-298-3857 (Toll Free Voice)
  • 262-538-1348  (FAX)
  • Obtain the Request for Facilitated IEP by:
    1. Going to
    2. Calling Jane Burns at the above toll free number)
    3. Writing to: WSEMS, P.O. Box 829, Madison, WI 53701-0829
  • Either parents or school administrators or both may request facilitation. If only one party requests facilitation, the WSEMS will contact the other party to ask for consent to the facilitation and talk about the benefits of facilitation and how the process works.
  • This is a voluntary process.  If either the parents or school say no, a facilitated IEP meeting will not be held.
  • The WSEMS began its IEP facilitation program in 2004.  The WSEMS sought advice about the program from a large group of stakeholders in the special education community.